Our AI-Powered OSINT Platform: Introducing Spotlight.

The Spotlight OSINT Platform

INSIKT Spotlight is a unique platform, which collects and analyzes massive amounts of data to help governments, security bodies and enterprises detect suspicious content, powered by Artificial Intelligence methods such as Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and Social Network Analysis (Network Science) in order to leverage cutting-edge algorithms to surface hidden insights and cut through the noise to effectively detect problematic online activity.

Thanks to our technology, we are able to collect and process communications from virtually any source: OSINT, traditional media and any Social Media source. Our platform supports Big Data applications and can capture, store, and integrate massive data sets from multiple data sources.

Our patent-pending Natural Language Processing methodology facilitates the extraction of topics, concepts, entities, key ideas from any human-generated speech, post, call, or other digital data.

Our technology is singular in that it uses Deep Learning on top of Word Vector models to help our NLP methods. Deep Learning methodologies improve accuracy and are especially significant in facilitating analysis and detection when data is scarce.


INSIKT Spotlight enables the user to perform both specific and broad searches on the database that is created from the analysis of the texts. These include:

  • Smart Search – Feature enables the user to search for a specific subject, topic, entity or concept. By doing so, INSIKT Spotlight will retrieve all mentions of that term. Additionally, INSIKT Spotlight allows the user to take control and focusing the search on specific areas or locations.
  • Location Search – Helps users to search for a specific location in any platform, allowing the end-user to get a situational awareness of what is going on in a certain area.
  • Concept Cloud – To view the set of concepts that are referred to in a certain set of texts according to their frequency easily.
  • Line and Pie/Bubble Graphs by Text Parameters – Graphs of all parameters of the texts: document categories, sentiment towards entities, ideas, etc.
  • Network Analysis (Relations Network Graph) – Includes co-reference between entities, relationships, correspondence maps and more.

Once the search is complete, INSIKT Spotlight platform allows the user to visualize the data through:

  • Clustering: Grouping users according to their interactions.
  • Influence Score: Detecting users with more influence in the community.
  • Degree: Understanding the activity of the users.
  • Outlier Detection: Detecting if some users are not interacting with any other user and are alienated.