Our threat intelligence platform; INVISO. Hands-off analysis in real time.


The Inviso Intelligence Platform is a unique tool for the real-time detection of Jihadist radicals on social media platforms. The solution we offer has been developed and polished ever since in collaboration with Law Enforcement Agency practitioners.

Extremist and terrorist groups use the Internet for many aims, for instance psychological warfare, propaganda, fundraising, recruitment and mobilization, networking, information sharing, planning/coordination, data manipulation and misinformation – just to name a few. Most of the active terrorist groups are using several online platforms, thus online content monitoring and analysis is a critical part of almost every national security investigation. Also because social media is playing a key role in reaching out to vulnerable people leaving in Europe leading to a growing phenomenon of “jihadization”.

Screenshot of INVISO software highlighting social media users advertising and sharing radical content online

Internet fosters the quick radicalisation processes that before used to take months or years, now taking just a few months, or even weeks. Social media outlets became a tool of radicalisation, as they enable to influence many people through specially designed content. The internet offers terrorists and extremists an excellent platform to communicate, collaborate and convince.

Under the current circumstances, Law Enforcement Agencies are more and more using social media intelligence (SOCMINT) as a source of intelligence, which covers a wide range of applications, techniques and capabilities analysing social media data, including Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

The main features of the Inviso Intelligence Platform are:

  • to detect radicalising users,
  • to see what topics users are talking about,
  • to issue an alert of an unusual event is happening in the domain, and
  • to identify what communities these people form.

The tool is based on social media monitoring, Natural Language Processing, novel data analytics and advanced visualization techniques. The curated online posts are analyzed to serve the Law Enforcement Agencies with insights about the state-of-the-art in Jihadist radicalization. The Inviso Intelligence Platform embraces the latest technologies in order to understand jihadist terrorists’ online activity locally and globally.

The Inviso Intelligence Platform provides Law Enforcement Agencies a unique solution to keep their fingers on the pulse of social media platforms searching for extreme radicalization.

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