We'll turn your team into AI experts


The problem with data scientists and data analysts is that an organization cannot have enough of them. However, resources are limited, organizations do not necessarily have the budget to employ more personnel. In such cases it is worth to consider to train analysts in-house to the latest technologies. Insikt Intelligence offers the transfer of its expertise in Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for non-coders too.

he art of a data science project is not in the hands of some chosen ones, but of people, who has taken and take the time and effort to dive deep into mathematics, statistics, linguistics, physics, computational science, and many other domains. Nevertheless, there are many tools with user-friendly interfaces out of the engineering paradigm, which help the non-specialists as well to carry out a data analysis after receiving guidance and training. We, at Insikt Intelligence help you and your personnel to make the first steps on the road

The first step is a general assessment of the actual situation, the evaluation of data maturity, what expertise is needed, what tools to choose fitting your needs best. By experience we see that the best learning curve is that of via a live project. Every data science project starts with formulating a question to be answered. If you do not have one, we help you formulate that.

Afterwards we plan the data collection, curate a dataset – based on in-house datasets or from open sources –, process that data, analyze to gather descriptive statistics, trend analysis, create models and evaluate them, based on the results create predictions for the future, and also to create visualizations to enhance the understanding of the results. By a real-life project, your personnel – being expert in the domain – will have a clearer and deeper understanding of the analysis. At the end of the training, the newly-trained people in your organization will be able to carry out out similar projects onwards.