Custom Solutions for Any Online Content Puzzle


Insikt Intelligence has expertise in Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis and Machine Learning techniques – offering the full arsenal on how to approach analysis at organizations at any scale. The Custom Analysis Solutions Insikt Intelligence offers include data mining, predictive analytics, trend analysis, behavioural analytics – depending on the needs of the organization.

Custom Analysis Solutions provide answers to the most burning intelligence questions of an organization. Insikt Intelligence provides an end-to-end solution for data analysis-related matters offering services covering the whole spectrum of data analysis. Starting off at data mining and data preprocessing, throughout processing of data embracing modeling to provide predictive analytics and trend analysis; to the behavioural analytics

The techniques applied in the process are the latest novel technologies in Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Custom Analytics Solutions enable the extraction of information otherwise hidden in databases. The results of the systematic analysis of datasets are interpreted with the help of advanced data visualization technologies, easy-to-use dashboards, and/or in a report format.