Insikt Intelligence ending the year successful in its ongoing projects and developing a novel tool

As the year is coming to a close, Insikt Intelligence has had a strong team of professionals working with Natural Language Processing (making computers understand the written word as a human would)  which stands at INSIKT’s scientific core and we have developed proprietary algorithms for highly accurate semantic analysis of massive amounts of data from social media in real time. Our specific background in analysis of social media content makes us the perfect partner for law enforcement agencies looking to extract real insight from social media by means of cutting-edge semantic science. In addition to Natural Language Processing, we also specialise in applying other complex analyses to social media content and communities as well as complex Data Mining techniques to process large data sets to help our customers 

One of the main products Insikt is offering is: Inviso, a Novel Social Data Mining Platform to Detect and Defeat Violent Online Radicalisation

INVISO is a powerful SaaS tool for analysing digital sources (such as Social Media platforms) to uncover hidden insights that can help point out criminal and threatening content as radical propaganda, terrorist-related messages and more. 


  • Identifies behavioural profiles and relationships between users, communities and crime cell structures. 
  • Developed with expert cultural guidance -specialists on islamist terrorism, right wing extremism, etc. for system training on keywords and key topics.
  • Automated threat level classification of data and users for easy filtering of relevant information. 
  • Generates exclusive threat-based intelligence and notifications. 
  • Transforms OSINT into powerful cybercrime fighting resources. 
  • Improves LEA productivity through guided investigation flows and highly detailed analytics. 
  • Allows fully covert social media analysis without exposing LEA agent profiles.

The RED-Alert solution is another project with a high importance within the Insikt Team. The solution will cover a wide range of social media platforms, including new channels such as Telegram and Periscope which are becoming increasingly active within the terror community to both recruit and spread propaganda. It will do this by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence based on a unique combination of technologies including natural language processing (NLP), semantic media analysis, social network analysis and complex event processing. Therefore the RED-Alert solution will allow LEAs to successfully coordinate action in real-time whilst still preserving the privacy of citizens. It will also improve the capabilities of investigations in a quicker, more efficient time-frame as well as provide a deeper understanding of criminal activities and communities. Our CEO, Jennifer Woodard, commented “RED-Alert involves a lot more than a computer recognising certain words. The technology we are building will be able to process massive amounts of unstructured data to identify meaningful relationships and spot potential threats”.

At Insikt we’ve developed this year a novel tool: SPOTLIGHT.

Why Spotlight? Most online analytics track outputs with a volume-based approach – monitoring sentiment, conversations, trends and behavior. Our Natural Language Processing product suite focuses specifically on detection of information in order to leverage sophisticated data to surface hidden insights and cut through the noise to effectively neutralize and prevent different situations. 

Insikt Spotlight will:

  • Collect and analyze the conversations around politics in social media
  • Understand the top positive (and negatives) topics of conversation
  • Map out those communities that matter to you against your chosen criteria (issues, tastes, behavior, demographics, preferences…)
  • Find those individuals with most influence within these communities
  • Show you exactly how to disperse your messages to gain maximum influence
  • Additional features as per the clients’ needs

All in all, a year full of accomplishments for Insikt Intelligence and we foresee many updates over the immediate future through the balance of next year as the business is growing at a fast pace. 


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