Are you looking to gain threat intelligence on cyber crime and cyber criminals?

Here at INSIKT Intelligence we offer end-to-end custom analysis of cyber crime data including terror, online radicalisation and human trafficking intelligence as well as information on fraudulent activities and drug smuggling to help deepen your threat intelligence.

We offer these services over the entire spectrum of data analysis starting with data mining and data pre-processing. Here we access cyber crime data already at the disposal of the organisation as well as conducting our own data collection through a combination of publicly available data, criminal records and open source intelligence – such as the news, demographics and social media data – to foster a deeper understanding of criminal material online as well as producing threat intelligence.

We also offer services around predictive analytics whereby we analyse data to create predictive intelligence by uncovering patterns and relationships between both structured and unstructured data. Depending on the needs of your organisation we can also offer trend analysis as well as behavioural analytics to further your business intelligence work.

Even though companies and law enforcement agencies have access to abundant amounts of data and resources, they traditionally tend to rely on a heuristic approach when making decisions. However organisations are starting to realise that it’s not enough to have data readily available in disconnected silos and instead, this data needs to be analysed and structured in order to identify actionable insights. In realising the importance of data, its analysis and results will lead to more and more companies operating with data-driven decision making. For more information, or to learn how we can meet your specific needs, contact us at or fill out our contact form and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

Cyber Crime Threat Intelligence


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