Cyber Crime Data Collection can be a headache. Let us do the work for you!


It is commonplace that volume, variety, velocity, and veracity (ie. the four Vs of big data) of data available has been increasing. This is true in case of intelligence too. Data is being collected and stored from sensors, wearable gadgets, trade information, social media, health care records, etc., and its volume is predicted to grow exponentially.

At Insikt Intelligence, we provide Data Collection Services for organizations. Open source data can help largely to make well-established intelligence-related assumptions. Such data can be for instance census data for a given territory; data from social media platforms to see and grasp what people are talking about on the networks; meteorological data to see what effect could weather may have.

The process of data collection starts with the planning. In this phase, several questions has to be raised, such as would the data acquired help in answering our question? In what format do we want to have the data to facilitate the analysis? Can the open source dataset be connected with other datasets to fully enjoy the added value of the data collected? 

The Data Collection Services embrace open-source intelligence (OSINT) data publicly available in a digitized format. Thus sources of OSINT data can be anything, content of media outlets, websites, publications, social media, blogs, forums, but public data made available by governments, public authorities, and public institutions, and even leaks. 

By adding intelligence to the already existing data, OSINT data can shed light on hidden patterns, which cannot be reached by data from other sources. Open source data can complement the in-house intelligence, and also an instrument to reveal new paths, unthought possibilities to be involved into intelligence collection.

What privacy issues have to be evaluated at handling the data collected? The clarification of these questions are important for the relevancy and efficiency of the analysis.

We collect data from multiple public digital sources.
We leverage social media sources to provide you with a full picture of any situation.