We offer many solutions to gain Cyber Threat Intelligence and accelerate your investigation

The Inviso Intelligence Platform is a tool to detect Jihadist radicalization online by analyzing data gathered by social media monitoring. The platform enables Law Enforcement Agencies to gather insights in real-time about actors in the online community, what they talk about, who they influence, and in general, what is the level of threat in the domain on social media.

Our patent-pending Natural Language Processing technology is implemented in the Inviso Intelligence Platform to detect what is important from millions and millions of online posts in the cybersphere in terms of early detection of radicalization. Inviso is an easy-to-use platform designed to facilitate the daily work of Law Enforcement Agency analysts revealing the most important happenings on the networks in real-time.

At Insikt Intelligence we offer you our Custom Analysis Solutions having expertise in Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

These technologies enable you to have your textual, social media or other data analyzed with us in an end-to-end manner. You just have to tell us what is your most burning intelligence question – and then leave the rest to our team, and we deliver you the results of our analysis.

Though the work of a data scientists does not start with this – but with a good (intelligence) question – the next step is the design of and the actual data collection. To be able to answer the most burning question of an organization, (usually) a nicely curated dataset is needed. Sometimes data is available in-house, but sometimes such data has to be and can be accessed in a digital format from the web.

Insikt Intelligence can come to the rescue in such cases having the necessary technology to curate data from any publicly available dataset, such as news articles, social media outlets, blogs, forums, websites, census data, meteorological data etc. Having additional data gathered and the readily available dataset enriched, you can have an even deeper understanding of the drivers in the analyzed domain.

Data science, big data and deep learning have been the most trending buzzwords in analytics. Everyone talks about these terms, but very few actually embrace the power of these techniques at their own organizations.

If you would like to belong to them, Insikt Intelligence helps and guides you along the way from the very beginning – asking the right questions –, throughout the steps taken to answer those questions (data collection, processing, analyzing, modelling and interpreting), till the very end – the deployment of the developed model into your intelligence processes. The training starts with understanding your exact needs and the data maturity of your organization and personnel to be trained, so we can create the most optimal training plan for you.